answering these 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

Answer These 5 Common Interview Questions & Ace Your Dream Job!

Having to answer interview questions can be daunting and downright scary during a job interview, especially if you are not that fluent and confident in speaking English. Most interviewees are nervous during their job interviews are because they are afraid their responses to those interview questions can make or break their future. With that in mind, wouldn’t it be great if you could somehow know all the right answers to those interview questions? Well, the good news is, now you can!

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Don’t worry if your business English isn’t that good because we have prepared for you some samples of the common interview questions and answers. Although there are some companies, like Google, would pelt you with surprising and unforeseen questions, but in general, most businesses would tend to ask the following common questions during your interview:


  1. Can you tell me about yourself?

1. Tell us about yourself | 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

It doesn’t matter which type of interview you are having, this common yet loaded interview question might possibly pop out. The reason why interviewers want you to answer this question because they want to evaluate:

  • How suitable you are for the company
  • Why are you the best candidate for your applied position
  • Are there any different you are from the other applicants

Hence, this is the time to form a rapport with your potential employer by sharing some of your personal information. That being said, you have to know where to draw the line between too much and too little information. How should you answer such interview questions?


  • Share some of your personal experiences that are not directly related to work. This shows that you are well-rounded and psychologically healthy. For example a hobby, or a brief introduction to your family life and education background.
  • Slightly emphasise some of your qualifications. You don’t need to answer your interviewer with a blow-by-blow account of your excellent accomplishments - your resume would have already listed out those details. Instead, respond diplomatically by slipping in hints of the effect that these qualifications will have on your future employment.


  • Overshare your personal experiences. We don’t want the interviewer to think that you are all play and no work. Besides that, it might also make the interviewer feel that you are unable to balance your priorities.
  • Oversell yourself. Answering this interview question by exaggerating accomplishments and tripping yourself up by using elaborate business English is not a smart move. If you’re employed, and you can’t do half the things that you claimed you could do during the job interview, you might end up being fired. Plus, trying too hard to fit perfectly into the company’s mould will make you come off as desperate. Always try to keep your professionalism intact.


  1. What are your greatest strengths/weaknesses?

2. What are your strenghts & weakness | 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

If you encounter this question during your interview, don’t let your language abilities limit you. Be sincere, honest, and natural!


  • One of the tips to answer this interview question is to select the strengths that are compatible to the business’s aims and to your applied position.
  • Do your best and match your qualifications to the requirements of the job announcement.


  • Although you have to be honest, try to turn those weaknesses into your strengths.
  • Let your interviewer know which weaknesses are being strengthened and improved.


  1. What are your salary expectations?

3. What is your expected salary | 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

This question may sound straightforward and simple enough, but answering this interview questions is tricky. If you price yourself too low, your job interviewer may take it as a sign that you are not confident.  He or she can just lower the wages even more and make you miserable; price yourself too high, and your interviewer may back off.


  • Research on the average salary expectations. There are a few websites that offer you the opportunity to do some research on average salaries that those in your applied position earn.


  1. Why did you quit your last job?

4. Why did you leave your previous company | 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

Be professional and be direct, especially if you left under unpleasant circumstances. Remember not to lie about the truth. Reasons being if you’ve placed your previous employer as a reference, chances are your company might have already phoned him or her up and asked about you. Try to turn your leave into a more positive image rather than running away from a negative situation. You can let your interviewer know that you are motivated by different career prospects.


  1. Do you have any questions?

5. Do you have any questions? | 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

At the end of almost every job interview, there will be a session for you to ask questions. It is always best to ask at least 1-2 questions about the company you are going for an interview. This may be seen as a sign of a work finder who is passionate about his job. Now’s the time to show your dedication towards the business, so do prepare a list of questions on your own.

Ace your job by answering these 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)
English is a widely-used language in the corporate world, so you not only have to have adequate soft skills that most employers are looking for, but also an average knowledge and fluency in business English. Since you already know now what common interview questions there are waiting for you to answer during your interview session, it’s wise to get ready and prepare them beforehand.

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