These English courses are offered In-House or On Site as well as at DEL centre in Puchong, Malaysia 

Intensive English

A specially designed English course to build learners’ language skills, fluency and confidence in communicating in English • Achieve English competency within a few months • Learn to use and apply the language through interactive activities • Duration: 32 hours / month

Business Writing

Writing for the business setting • Write with ease and confidence • Eliminate writer’s block • Manage your writing professionally • Learn proven techniques on writing • Duration: 2-day course

Report Writing

Polish your report writing skills to transmit information effectively • Distinguish between informational and analytical business reports • Have greater confidence in knowing how to begin writing, drafting and checking reports • Use appropriate language, organization and format for conveying information • Write reports that are clear, objective, consistent in time viewpoint, and smoothly connected • Duration: 2-day course

Soft Skills

Shine your soft skills to complement your hard skills • Develop your softer interpersonal and relationship-building skills to communicate and collaborate effectively • Excel as a team player • Package and deliver good customer experience • Duration: 2-day course

Oral Communication

Enhancing your interpersonal skills • Learn to express your thoughts effectively • Communicate with confidence in all settings • Apply soft skills in your communication • Interact with ease using English • Duration: 2-day course / 2 weeks

Business English

Enhancing individuals or professionals with the desired level of proficiency in English to enable them to perform their work confidently and professionally • Provide working professionals a comprehensive view of oral and written communication in the workplace as well as in social context • Learn English and how to use it in specific context • Use language appropriate to communicative activities • Duration: 32 hours / month