20 Most Useful Business Idioms and their meaning

20 Most Useful Business Idioms and their meaning (to sound smart!)

If your boss comes up to you one day and says: “Look sharp and be on the ball, we cannot afford to lose this client.”… Or if he or she says: “Step up your game or you’re going home!” Do you know what they mean? In the corporate world, it’s every man for himself. What […]

answering these 5 common interview questions with D English Link (Puchong, Malaysia)

Answer These 5 Common Interview Questions & Ace Your Dream Job!

Having to answer interview questions can be daunting and downright scary during a job interview, especially if you are not that fluent and confident in speaking English. Most interviewees are nervous during their job interviews are because they are afraid their responses to those interview questions can make or break their future. With that in […]

Top 2 Soft Skills That All Employers Want: Do you have it all?

Do you know that Malaysian secondary students are now facing not one, not two, but three major threats when it comes to landing a job in the future? Teenagers or young adults usually do not have the specific set of soft skills that are desired by all employers. Without these top 2 soft skills, they are […]

10 Simple Tips on Speaking English Fluently and Confidently - D English Link (DEL) Puchong, Malaysia

10 Simple Tips on Speaking English Fluently and Confidently

Malaysia is a multi-language nation and we are taught at least Malay and English since primary school. Some of us speak more than 2 languages besides our mother tongue. However, how many can actually speak fluent English and confidently? According to research, learning a second language now can help slow brain ageing. Speaking English fluently […]

how to improve english 10 minutes a day - D English Link (DEL) Puchong, Malaysia

How to Improve English in 10 minutes a day

There is a very commonly held misunderstanding about learning a language: It takes an incredible amount of time and effort to get yourself from complete beginner to reasonable fluency or to go on an intensive English learning program. Not to mention for those who have a full schedule, it is not workable at all.